The Get Up Book


A collection of short stories, emotional lessons, functional exercises, and advice from mentors to help us get up and thrive.

Sharon Neiss Arbess has opened up her “vault” of juicy, gut-wrenching, and humorous experiences from her life and from her imagination. Each story can be related to any teen across the globe. With a nod and a smile and an appreciation of what resiliency really is. Each chapter will leave you with a lesson that demonstrates how you can Get Up and get through whatever faces you and even become stronger in the process.

David Newton has created perfectly paired exercises that follow Sharon’s stories. Some really get your heart pumping, while others are reflective and meditative. This ideal combo makes the stories more meaningful, impactful, and thought-provoking.

We asked over 60 mentors with bucket loads of life experience this question: “WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO YOUR TEENAGE SELF?

Wait until you read what they have to say.

Each chapter also has a special space to reflect and connect thoughts.

Get Up was created for all human beings aged 11 and up.


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